Worship can be expressed in countless ways, but here are three characteristics that summarize a lifestyle of worship:

Worship stands in awe of God.

Worship bows down to honor God.

Worship rises up to serve God.

Worship at One City Church

Our worship services are about so much more than singing and teaching; they are about having an encounter with God. Yes, we want the experience to be appealing and the presentation to be engaging, but most of all, we want people to be transformed by God’s presence and power.

What to Expect in Our Worship Services

On the practical side, our services will run about an hour and twenty minutes. We’ll sing four or five songs, celebrate baptism or communion, maybe share a testimony, teach God’s Word, and offer an opportunity for people to respond and receive ministry.

For Our Guests

If you are new to church, please know you are wanted and welcome. Take in the experience and know we’re available to answer any questions or help in any way.