We are grateful to partner with God and the people of One City to create a church that advances heaven and stops hell.

Phase 1: Success Stories

We secured a historical 31,000 square-foot building with the perfect location in the center of Memphis for our church to live into the fullness of its name, One City.

We partnered with Guaranty Bank to secure a $4.5M loan. We purchased the building for $2.76M with a first-phase renovation of $4.5M.

In many respects, the first phase of our renovation was about replacing all the operating systems. We replaced the roof and all the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

Our initial fundraising goal was $1.25 million, but God blessed us with over $3 million and we saved over $1 million in sweat equity. That was great news for many reasons, but especially since our costs also far exceeded their projections.

Phase 2: What’s Next

We need to finish five primary projects.

  1. Breadie’s Cafe ($1.5M)
  2. Parking capacity increases ($200K)
  3. The playground ($150K)
  4. Furniture and Finishes ($150K)

TOTAL = $2,000,000


Tithing Commitment

I/we commit to give the first ___% of my/our income to God’s work through One City Church for one year.



Building Commitment

I/we pledge $___ monthly above and beyond our tithe over the next 24 months.



Monthly Contributions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are One City’s beliefs about money?

We believe Matthew 25:14-30 teaches us to be stewards instead of owners. It is our privilege and responsibility to accomplish God’s goals with God’s money. It is our goal to replace the love of money with the love of mission. We will never love money less until we love God more.

Where does One City get its income?

The church is our spiritual family, and we support it just as we support our earthly families. It is our responsibility to be priority givers, percentage givers, and purposeful givers. In addition to tithes and offering, it is our goal to be good stewards by maximizing our space to create multiple ministries and revenue streams. For example, we plan to create a preschool called Foundations, a leadership school called Legacy University, and a first-class cafe called Breadie’s.

What is the difference between a tithe and an offering?

A tithe is giving the first 10% of your gross income as defined by Malachi 3:10. A tithe is one specific way that God asks us to put Him FIRST (2 Corinthians 8:5). Giving isn’t a 10% issue; it is a 100% issue. When you live for God 100%, you joyfully give Him 10%.

An offering is anything given above and beyond your tithe. Just as we want God to be generous to us, God wants us to be generous to others.

How can I give to One City?

Electronic giving is available through automatic draft and online giving by clicking this link: Give to One City. Tithes and offering can also be placed in the offering baskets at the back of the worship center each Sunday.

Gifts can be mailed to One City Church at 1779 Kirby Pkwy., Suite 1-216; Memphis, TN 38138.

All contribution information is securely available to each individual by signing in online. We can also provide statements at year-end for any that choose not to sign in online.

Does One City offer financial teaching and coaching?

In conjunction with Thrivent, a nonprofit Christian financial company, we offer Money Canvas to provide budgeting resources and tools. We also offer financial seminars 2-3 times yearly to address demographic-specific financial needs.

Does One City have a budget?

Yes. The budget is designed and built to accomplish the vision and goals of One City Church. It will be submitted to the Advisors and Overseers annually for approval and accountability. As the church matures in years and grows in size, we will adopt industry standards such as audits to ensure financial integrity and confidence. The leadership at One City takes our fiscal responsibility seriously and strives to honor the Lord as good stewards.

2024 Budget = $673,000 

What can churches raise in a giving campaign?

Churches typically raise 1.5 to 3 times their annual income over 2 years.

Our Two-Year Goal is $2,000,000.