Welcome to One City Men!

We are a community of authentic men focused on strengthening our faith, encouraging one another, and fulfilling our God-given purpose.

In today’s culture, manhood is mostly deemphasized and misunderstood. Our goal is to be men whose strength is known by sacrifice and service. Ultimately, we are men who accept the challenge to:

Reject passivity – Accept responsibility

Lead courageously – Live with eternal perspective

Within our community, you will find imperfect but supportive men of all ages coming together to encourage one another to impact our families, careers, and communities positively. This is a battle, but it isn’t one you have to fight alone. 


Men gather around a book of the Bible or curriculum each fall and spring semester. These 6-10 week units focus on various biblical manhood themes that apply to every stage of life.


Bonfires. Sporting Events. Cookouts. You know… stuff men do. Join the men of One City for our next gathering. These are intended to provide a change of pace from the everyday pressures of life and an opportunity to connect with other men.