How we live, use our strengths, teach our children, and lead those we do life with everyday.

We are all stewards. The question is not if you are a steward but rather how good a steward you are. When we are good stewards, it brings health, growth, and freedom, especially when it comes to our finances. When we lead our money instead of it leading us, there is less stress and anxiety and more freedom and opportunities.

One City Church wants you to experience freedom on every front, so we have partnered with Ramsey+.


The 3 Steps of Ramsey+

Ways to GIVE to One City

Electronic giving is available through automatic draft and online giving by clicking below.

Give to One City

Tithes and offering can be placed in the black offering boxes at the back of the worship center each Sunday.

Gifts can be mailed to One City Church at:
1779 Kirby Parkway, Suite I-216, Memphis, Tennessee 38138.

All contribution information is securely available to each individual by signing in online.

We can also provide statements at year-end for any that choose not to sign in online.