Most of us resist sharing an AirBnB with our extended family for a week on vacation. Can you imagine traveling together for 40 years in the wilderness? In the message, we look at Moses’ message as the children of Israel are on the cusp of the Promise Land as their wilderness journey ends after forty long years. How did the remaining generation feel about those who went before them and the unknown new chapter before them? What would be the key to this second generation experiencing a new season full of God’s blessings?

 All of us are somewhere along the spectrum of generations- a young adult looking ahead, a married couple starting a life together, an established couple with the responsibilities of their children, a grandparent, or a great-grandparent. No matter where we are in the seasons of life, our decisions and perspective have a more significant impact than we realize. In this practical message, Pastor Karin explores the parallels between the children of Israel and our present realities so we can experience peace in our hearts and our relationship with God and others. What seems heavy is actually made light, if we follow God’s directions.