Frequently, when we read scripture there’s a difference between the people’s experience with God then and people’s experience with God now. When it comes to God and His church, most people are asking this question: Is There More?

It’s a valid question. The answer is “Yes!” The pages of Scripture and testimonies throughout history, prove one hundred percent that the answer is “Yes!” In this series we will look at the third member of the trinity, the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, the Holy Spirit is frequently misunderstood and taken out of context. It is our goal in this series to give you a confident understanding of WHO the Holy Spirit is and WHAT the Holy Spirit does. 

Again, our aim isn’t to over emphasize the Holy Spirit, but we are tired of under emphasizing the Holy Spirit. Once Jesus ascended, He gave us the Holy Spirit to indwell us for the purpose of guiding us, growing us, and gifting us. Listen to this series, apply the truths, and you will discover, there is more.