What can we complete in 52 days if we reestablish and honor God’s priorities? What’s possible if you honor these four priorities for 52 days?
· Honor your priority time daily.
· Honor the Sabbath weekly.
· Honor a serve opportunity weekly.
· Honor the tithe and offering monthly.
The first message in this series is about honoring your priority time daily. First of all, what is a priority time. Many people call it a devotional time or quiet time, but we call it a priority time because we believe it is the one priority that determines all priorities. In this first message, the emphasis will be on the “Why” behind the “What.”

Understanding “Why” is the secret to going from agreement to action. Most of us agree with the priority of spending time with God through His Word and prayer, yet most of us still don’t do it daily. Let’s reap a new harvest by sowing more seeds of the Word and Prayer into our life. You’ll never regret this commitment.