We are so excited that you are Going Public. Here is some information to help you record your story.

Preparing to Shoot Your Going Public Video

Your decision to go public is one that you will never regret. The day will be special, but beyond the day you’ll have a video to always look back upon to celebrate and remember.

To make your recording time as simple as possible, please come prepared with a written summary of your journey. Use each of these questions to help you write it. The video itself is only 2-3 minutes. A lot can be said in 3 minutes. Most people who have written out their story and talked through it a couple of times find the shooting to be an encouraging process.

  • Questions to help you tell your story: Please type in your answers to these questions.

  • Please practice saying your answers for your video.

Select the date and time for filming your Going Public Video. This video will take roughly 45 mins to shoot. We will create a script from your answers to the questions above.

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