Every healthy bird has 2 wings that work in harmony to take flight

September 27-28 , 2024 | Memphis, TN


As a Christian, do you ever wonder why you might be spinning in circles and not actually soaring like you thought God intended? Like an eagle, we were designed to take flight but many of us don’t because we don’t have two healthy wings.

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Every healthy bird has 2 wings that work in harmony to take flight

September 27-28, 2024 | Memphis, TN


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If one wing is the Word of God and the other wing is the Spirit of God, most people have one big wing and one small wing, thus they tend to remain grounded and spin around in circles. Most of the time in the south, the Spirit of God wing is the small one that is misunderstood or misrepresented. This conference is about balancing the wings, but it’s also about strengthening the Spirit of God wing so that we can get off the ground and finally take flight.

About the Speakers

Steve and Ruth are the Senior Overseers of BSSM Online and School Planting. Steve and Ruth travel and speak at various churches and organizations, and are passionate about equipping the body of Christ to live naturally supernatural. They have a huge heart for cultivating healthy families, activating leaders, and carrying hope.


September 27-28 , 2024

September 27

5:00 pm

Doors open and Check-in begins


6:00 pm

Session 1


7:30 pm



7:45 pm

Session 2


September 28

9:00 am

Doors Open


9:30 am

Session 3


11:30 am



1:30 PM

Session 4


3:00 PM



6:00 pm

Session 5



Over the past five years, I’ve experienced more of the supernatural than I have in my previous twenty five years of ministry. God brought us back to Memphis for many reasons, but most of all I believe God wants to restore His vision for Memphis. His vision is bigger than any single church; it is about all of us being perfected in unity, that’s the key that unlocks revival and spiritual awakening. Join us for the Two Wings Conference and be greatly encouraged and strengthened in your faith.