We Honor the Sabbath

August 17 2020

Speaker: Chris Conlee

Bible Passage: Psalm 46:10

Unfortunately, honoring the Sabbath is one of the most well-known but misunderstood commandments. Typically, we fall into one of three categories with the Sabbath:

  1. We ignore it and treat it like every other day.
  2. We acknowledge it but mostly just think of it as the day we go to church.
  3. We prioritize it but may have a legalistic view and approach to it.

The Sabbath is a day that’s designed to help us rest and remember. One of the worst sins throughout the pages of Scripture is the sin of forgetting. God wants us to slow down enough to reflect, refocus, and refuel. The Sabbath is an opportunity to be still and know that He is our Provider, He is trustworthy, and He is in control (Psalm 46:10).

There are many scriptural reasons why the Sabbath is a One City signature truth, but the primary reason is that God wants to bless us with a day to enjoy Him and to enjoy one another.

Whatever you do, don’t compromise the Sabbath. Rather, consider these creative ways to honor and prioritize this special day:

  1. Set up a personal finish line.
  2. Prioritize and plan your Sabbath.
  3. Be specific and creative throughout the year.

Here are some examples of how you can get started.

What are the best ways for you to reflect?

  • Priority Time > Prayer Walk > Bike Ride > etc.

What are the best ways for you to refocus?

  • Quality Conversations > Retreats > Conferences > etc.

What are the best ways for you to refuel?

  • Recreation > Hobbies > Entertainment > Vacations > etc.