We Champion an L3 Legacy

August 17 2020

Speaker: Chris Conlee

Think about this perspective for a moment: We aren’t human beings who have a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings who have a human experience. We believe God made us to lead in every sphere of influence, not just the Church. Therefore, L3 Legacy is focused on personal and professional development. It’s statistically proven that dual training (both professional and personal) is 10 times more effective than singular training.

L3 Legacy is all about investing in three types of leaders: Emerging Leaders, Established Leaders, and Executive Leaders. Our goal is to form groups of 12 to sharpen one another to prove love works, life works, and leadership works on Monday, not just on Sunday.

We equip the saints for the work of the ministry, but we’ve redefined ministry to be what you do Monday through Sunday. This is an opportunity to set aside 12 days / half days per year to grow and partner together with like-minded leaders for the greater good of your family, your career, and your community. We believe Jesus was the best leader in the world. Therefore, His leadership example and principles are the foundation, but we’re also certified coaches and consultants with GiANT Worldwide and Dream Managers with Floyd Consulting.

Here’s the bottom line: When love, life, and leadership work, we leave a legacy.