We Believe in the Power of Prayer

August 17 2020

Speaker: Chris Conlee

Bible Passage: Exodus 19:16-20

How can prayer be a signature truth? Most everyone talks about prayer, but very few people actually spend focused time doing it. Our churches should be houses of prayer, but few actually have prayer meetings. God has spoken to us clearly about the priority of prayer at One City and has even given us a name for this ministry – Tremble: A House of United Prayer (see Exodus 19:16-20).

Prayer is about many things, but one of the primary things is being in His presence. We should tremble when we’re in His presence. It’s God’s presence that unlocks His peace in us and His power through us.

It’s our desire to ask, seek, and knock so persistently that prodigals come home, strongholds are broken, and mountains are moved. It’s our passion to pray prayers that truly usher in revival and spiritual awakening.